XPrize Global Learning Challenge
We are so proud to be playing a small part in the latest XPrize global challenge. It has the potential to change the world of learning and development and more importantly to improve the lives of millions of people globally.
Don Jones


XPrize recently launched its newest endeavour that challenges teams from all over the world to create software that will enable children in developing countries to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic.

Don Jones has been chosen as one of 100 Vanguard worldwide partners for the new XPrize Challenge focused on Learning and Development.

Global Learning XPrize

This outstanding initiative empowers worldwide change in causes that are essential to humanity. Incentive based, this program pushes the limits on what is attainable, in hopes of finding talented people capable of changing the world.

Current educational systems in these countries are failing to provide children with the proper education, which ultimately affects the growth and sustainability of their surrounding communities. Roughly 250-300 million adolescents are illiterate, even after they attend school. The proposal of software that empowers children to learn on their own can have tremendous effects on the future of many nations. The five best teams will each be given one million dollars, and their programs will be tested on 5000 kids for 18 months. The team that creates the program with the biggest learning impact will win 10 million dollars.

This remarkable initiative deserves attention and appreciation. A Crowdfunding Campaign has been initiated with a goal of $500 000.00, to expand the capabilities of the prize. The money raised will help test the technology with more kids, build a global community, help out teams and build an education foundation. Click here to donate.

For more information on this initiative, please click here

Join the challenge, put a team together, or join ours here at e! and solve one of the world’s most devastating problems! No matter who wins the XPrize Challenge we will have changed learning forever together.
Don Jones
Founder and Chief Experience Designer