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exper!ence it inc. started 25 years ago as a social-experiment and has evolved into a global learning business. We have been fortunate to partner with some of the largest corporate learning organizations in the world such as GE, Microsoft, Boeing, Bayer, P&G, GlaxoSmithKline, Whirlpool, as well as National Government Organizations from Canada to China, Olympic Organizations, over 80 universities and countless smaller not-for-profits.

If you have a distributed workforce that you want to develop than then you will likely want to explore our Immersive Learning Platform that is literally changing the game of virtual learning, development and application. You might also want to read our Ideas We Care About paper, The Last Mile - The Future of Digital Learning.

If you are more interested in in-classroom and conference experiential solutions then check out our deep menu of next generation in-person behavioral simulations. These engaging experiential solutions have been used, tested and rated as some of the best leadership, sales and team experiences in the world by over 85,000 participants. If you would like to see the philosophy behind our human design check out The Learning Galaxy, a reconsideration of the fundamental forces at play in powerful and immersive learning environments; or flip through our evolving Manifesto on the Design of Human Experience to see design through our eyes.

If you are a not-for-profit group or organization that strives to make a difference through learning and development but do not have the budget to hire our team, then you might be interested in applying to our e! partnership program. We welcome and accept applications and dedicate a percentage of our time and resources to non-paid work and only wish we could do more. Use the Contact link to request information and an application.

Our global capabilities allow our 200 senior experience consultants to deliver our in-person and blended experiences on 4 continents and in 14 languages.

Drop into our collaborative, creative Insight Labs. These are structured immersive design events, and they are free. If you are looking to create sustainable behavior change, want to explore what is possible in immersive learning, help align your learning team, and take a safe next step in creating powerful learning options for an important audience then an Insight Lab might be for you.

‘Learning to change the world’ is our raison d'être. It reminds us that learning is central to human progress and we all can play an important part in that. It also challenges us to improve on our last best project and to find deeper, better, more efficient ways to leverage learning as a positive force for individuals, teams, organizations and communities. It also reminds us that in order to make a contribution we need to keep learning ourselves.

Thank you taking the time to learn a bit about us. We are always interested in partnering with people and organizations that are passionate about learning and development. Just connect anytime.

Don Jones
Founder and Chief Experience Designer