Virtual Journey Home: Case Study
Conductors of great symphony orchestras do not play every musical instrument; yet through leadership the ultimate production is an expressive and unified combination of tones.
Thomas D. Bailey

SAP, the multinational software development and consulting corporation, approached exper!ence it through our partners at APG about a simulation that would teach their participants to work together when operating across teams or even international borders. Our Journey Home in-classroom simulation was tailor-made for these learning outcomes, but SAP had one caveat: it had to be delivered in three different locations around globe simultaneously.

Over 20,000 participants around the world have experienced the in-classroom Journey Home simulation. It has consistently received exceptional ratings by large and small companies and by participants at all levels of the organization: senior leaders, middle managers and front-line personnel. Participants are totally immersed in the experience and the lessons learned are profound, practical and immediately applicable back on the job. Adapting this popular in-classroom simulation into a virtual solution posed a serious set of challenges on the technical, logistical and design fronts. So we immediately set about re-designing and re-working every aspect of The Journey Home. The result of that redesign has been highly successful with many companies worldwide now utilizing the Virtual Journey Home to align distributed project teams that can now easily connect and participate flawlessly in a global, local, and glocal team-building experience.

The Virtual Journey Home is an interactive, team-based simulation that provides participants with an intense, powerful, fun and relevant learning experience. Participants are assigned to a team of between two and five players, and each team is engaged in a race against time. Each team member has a unique and valuable role to play, bringing his or her own information and experience to the mission. The key learning outcomes for participants included:

  • Alignment to mission
  • Team work both inside teams and across operational silos
  • Understanding global, local, and glocal perspectives

Ultimately, the Virtual Journey Home is about seeing the big picture and, in turn, optimizing your big picture goals.