experience it’s immersive simulations have laid the cultural tracks for our strategy to roll out on. This program shortened our implementation efforts by six months and significantly enhanced our organizational alignment and impact.
Hank Oen, Senior Project Manager, APS.

You have been waiting patiently for virtual learning to deliver on its promise. We were impatient and invented it!

From simulated practice to on-the-job sustainable behavior change, the breakthrough Immersive Learning Platform (ILP) allows you to scale a completely new generation of exceptionally powerful, engaging, interactive, story-driven development and learning experiences. It’s time to change the game of virtual learning for your leaders, sales teams and the entire organization. The ILP isn’t about a one-time solution; it’s about changing the very way your people keep connected to their learning while on the job and in the workplace.

Connect with us about your leadership, management, sales or cultural change challenges. Or explore our creative, on- or off-site Insight Labs, which can help take the complexity out of the myriad of classroom, virtual and blended choices, and help you frame a strategy to get you from Insight to Impact through great design and delivery. It’s what we do and it’s free.

Here are some of the reasons clients choose to call on us…

Sales Development

Your sales team is on the move across the country or around the world. Taking them away from clients for days of in-classroom training is no longer a sustainable sales development strategy. You need a globally scalable solution that is engaging, immersive, powerful, self-paced or synchronous, and helps each sales professional to transfer their learning to real-time, on-the-job sales application. It helps that they really enjoy the experience and want more. One of the largest global manufacturing giants has recently chosen our design team to develop an immersive learning sales experience to increase the impact of their 13,000-person global sales force. Let us help you take your sales force into the future today.

Leadership & Management

Why have GE, Microsoft, Boeing, GlaxoSmithKline, Whirlpool and others chosen e! for some of their most important leadership and management initiatives? The primary reason is that when they wanted to change specific behaviors and increase targeted competencies, they recognized they needed well-designed, interactive experiences that challenge leaders intellectually and engage them emotionally. The programs we designed to achieve these objectives have now become some of the highest rated programs these companies have in their inventory. Our Immersive Learning Platform has been a leadership hit at over 80 sites globally for leaders across multiple cultures and for multiple business outcomes. Give your leaders and managers the on-the-job immersive experience, support and coaching that will take them to the next level.

Mergers & Acquisitions - Culture Change

Your organization has a new strategy or has merged with another company and now the challenge ahead is focused on integration, cultural change and strategic alignment. You have to execute across a wide, distributed work force, through multiple levels of leaders, managers, sales executives and front line employees. The issue is time and impact! Traditional classroom programs will take too long, cost too much and you’ve discovered that more power point presentations simply don’t work. Pushing information out virtually does not guarantee it will be utilized. Our Immersive Learning Platform will align your national or global organization with instant scale, powerful engagement, increased buy-in and enhanced retention that leads to higher levels of transfer and measurable impact. To change a culture, you need to reach the hearts and minds of your employees, and our Immersive Learning Platform experiences do both.

Team Alignment

More and more work teams are distributed and virtual, challenging management to find ways to keep the very idea of ‘team’ alive. The need for effective communication, trust, shared values and real teamwork has only increased with the distance. Traditional programs don't have the scale and reach and don't offer the engagement and interactivity of the breakthrough Immersive Learning Platform . Over 40,000 professionals have been through our team alignment experiences. Our ILP is designed specifically to build alignment and impact for teams working at a distance. Our Immersive Learning Platform will help your team members increase their effectiveness, teamwork and impact.

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