SCIRE: Case Study
We feel very fortunate to have you as our trusted partners. The participants of today’s session gave high praise to our ‘vendor choice’. They were amazed with the quality of what we achieved with this simulation. We should all feel very proud.
Marisa Pereira, HR Manager, Global Organization & Talent Development Solutions, Laureate International Universities

Laureate is a leading international network of innovative institutions of higher education comprising more than 70 universities and 780,000 students worldwide. Laureate approached our team at exper!ence it inc to design and develop an online immersive university simulation to accelerate the effectiveness of their new executives, while instilling essential information on the organization’s business, educational and cultural principles. Our primary behavior change focus for the simulation centers on leadership, systems thinking, and balance. SCIRE is the result of many months of research, design and development and is currently being used worldwide by Laureate.

Laureate’s preference for SCIRE was that it be an iPad-optimized learning experience, with individual and community components. In the simulation, participants take the helm as president of the struggling SCIRE university, a fictional multi-campus school located on an island-nation, all set within a world recognizably our own. The participants complete three hour-long simulated “years” running the university, wherein they are faced with a variety challenges as they attempt to set the school back on a sustainable course. This is no easy endeavor and participants must contend with everything from financial underperformance to student unrest, from technological change to regulatory reforms. In the role of president, players also have to manage 25 direct reports all with different talents, traits, strengths and weaknesses. Participants must make key decisions, both short term and long term, from the moment they press play – and they often must make these vital decisions amidst uncertainty. Thankfully, participants come to understand the impact of their decisions and actions on an organization’s strategy and personnel in a safe environment without immediate real world effects.

As the participants make key decisions throughout the simulated years the fully customizable Digital Mentor is tracking those choices and their consequences. Following each year the participant is then provided with a wealth of feedback and recommendations for both in-sim and on-the-job improvement.

Between simulated chapters, participants are posed a provocative question about leading an educational institution. They are then tasked with contributing to the online SCIRE community, which is composed of other participants in the simulation. Here participants can exchange ideas and offer each other support.

The simulation challenges participants to deal with the volatility and complexity in today’s educational marketplace while connecting new leaders to other leaders, forming like-minded networks for best practice sharing and problem solving. The simulation further generates individual insight through high-quality feedback from the participant’s peers, managers and mentors.

SCIRE is an unforgettable learning experience, an intellectually and emotionally engaging simulation that is changing the business of teaching and the teaching of business.