Our Platform
The promise of digital and blended learning is finally here.
Alejandro Reyes, VP Organization & Talent Development, Laureate International Universities

Conventional online learning systems have, until now, failed to deliver on their promises. Low participation and even lower completion rates are endemic, largely because they have been unable to fully immerse and engage the learner. We’re here to change that.

The ILP is a next-generation, disruptive learning experience technology that redefines online, experiential solutions for sustainable behavior change. From leadership and sales development to cultural alignment, this robust virtual or blended solution doesn’t incrementally improve online learning, it fundamentally transforms the way learning is consumed, measured and leveraged.

Having laid the foundation of a highly versatile and adaptable architecture, we can now build an almost unlimited variety of immersive, powerful, story-driven experiences that are both intellectually challenging and emotionally engaging. And all this can be done at a distance for audiences of 10 to 10,000.

We understand that today people want more, in fact need more, out of the learning experience. They are looking for sophisticated solutions that marry intellect and emotion, great design and clear impact. They are looking for a team that has mastered the art and science of story-driven, experiential learning. The ILP is the result of the synergy between our uniquely adaptable and scalable technology and our simulation design team who care deeply about the look, feel and outcomes of the whole experience. In close partnership with our clients, we design and bring to life a bespoke, story-driven virtual “world” on top of the technological platform. We define the environment and real world functions that will deliver the learning experience. We customize our 6th Sense (in-action feedback) and our Digital Mentor (after-action feedback) to support the learner with compelling feedback and to provide ongoing advice and help.

The inbuilt flexibility of the ILP and depth of experience of our design team allows for incredibly rich simulations that are single player or team-based, cooperative or competitive. The simulation can be purely online or part of a blended experience. The ILP is also capable of working across various devices (smart phone, tablet, desktop) and multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac).