Bayer: Case Study
We believe learning always has, and always will, play a central role in shaping a positive future for individuals, teams, organizations and our world.

The themes and key learning outcomes of our Bayer simulation were “Empathy and Engagement”. Sales reps must improve their ability to tell their stories about their products and the people who use them, so that the reps, in turn, can help pharmacists understand and empathize with their diabetic clients. This will lead to more of the right monitors being sold for the right reasons to the right customers through the correct channel of healthcare professionals.

Bayer approached us with a series of challenges for their sales simulation. They were looking for a blended conference solution for upwards of 50 sales reps. The blended solution involved an immersive, iPad-optimized simulation used onsite as a key part of a 5-day conference.

The participants were tasked with not only selling their product in the live simulation experience, but also “taking care of” someone with diabetes—one of three simulated characters. The participants had to check in with them six times daily and make decisions on interventions. The participants had to monitor:

  • Insulin levels
  • Glucose levels
  • Cholesterol and other blood factors
  • BP
  • Stress
  • Medical, dental, eye care

The participants must also keep careful watch over other key indicators including sleep, stress, exercise, and diet. This act of taking care of the “patient” is essential to increased understanding of the whole context of healthcare.

One of the critical insights of our design team was diabetes’ “constancy” problem. Diabetes can be managed, but it is something that is always in the back of the mind. Raising awareness about this “constancy” issue and promoting the empathy necessary to engage positively with diabetes patients was vital to our design process and to the overall success of this simulation.