The Immersive Learning Platform is a disruptive learning technology that changes the way that learning is designed, consumed and measured.

ILP experiences immerse participants in virtual or blended, intellectually challenging and emotionally engaging, story-rich worlds. Deep learning pedagogy and human-factor design expertise underlie multiplatform tools and analytics. From simulated practice to on-the-job execution each experience is focused on sustainable behaviour change.

Our Platform

The ILP is a next-generation, disruptive learning experience technology that redefines online, experiential solutions for sustainable behavior change.


The ILP provides a robust mechanism for behavior change in the field. The bespoke learning experience is a simulation of a real world set of activities completely customized for your industry, company and competitive landscape.

SCIRE: Case Study

Our primary behavior change focus for the simulation centers on leadership, systems thinking, and balance. SCIRE is the result of months of research, design and development and is currently being used worldwide by Laureate.

Bayer: Case Study

The participants were tasked with not only selling their product in the live simulation experience, but also “taking care of” someone with diabetes—one of three simulated characters.

Virtual Journey Home

The Virtual Journey Home is an interactive, team-based simulation that provides participants with an intense, powerful, fun and relevant learning experience.