Insight Labs

Many of our most creative, powerful and sustainable designs have had their genesis within one of our Insight Labs, often prior to any formal engagement. These one-day or two-day immersive design experiences allow us to work with you on the complex issues that are part of developing your learning strategy. They are powerful incubators for collaborative engagement between you and our senior experience design team members. It is when complexity turns into insight...and magic happens.

Our objective is to be a partner with you in achieving your business goals and creating and supporting sustainable behavioural change. To that end, we invite you to meet with us to explore your options. We don't charge any fees for our Insight Labs. To us, they are an integral piece of our design process, and through them we have built productive and enduring partnerships with clients throughout the world.

What are the key ingredients to the Insight Lab experience?

Clients bring deep understanding of their company's strategy and culture, their industry and context, characteristics about their target audience, and key learning and behavioural outcomes. Clients answer the question, "Why is this change critical to our company's future?"

Our experience design team brings the ways and means of shaping this content and context into rich, story-driven immersive experiences and just-in-time tools that sustain behaviour change. We have a myriad of ways of re-imagining the possibilities of learning and development that come from 25 years of pushing the envelope in the classroom, virtually and through blended solutions.

Don't pack a lunch; we've got you covered...

The Insight Labs

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