World View offers participants the opportunity to experience and confront some of the most challenging elements of organizational life: change, alignment, leveraging shared history and diversity.

We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.
Maya Angelou

World View is a team-based, metaphorical simulation in which participants work with colleagues within their own ‘life form’ team and are challenged to find ways to work constructively with teams from other ‘life forms’ within an ambiguous and potentially competitive environment. The time-constrained ‘mission’ involves teams exploring the planet of World View, which faces impending conflict among its three resident life forms: the Grenics, Orangamods, and Purps. Teams must discover and piece together pieces of the planet’s history in order to understand the forces that led to the monumental conflict that currently threatens to rip the planet apart.

The challenges for participants lie in making the right choices, making sense of what they learn and putting it all together in time to save the planet. The greatest threat and the greatest opportunity may come from an unexpected source: the other life forms. Will the life forms and the planet be doomed to repeat history, or will they learn how to break the cycle and break down the walls that prevent the planet from thriving?

World View culminates in a profound debrief that explores the parallels to organizational life that participants have just experienced. Themes of leveraging diversity, barriers to collaboration, and shaping organizational culture are focused on, and set the stage for, transfer and application of significant insights back on the job.

Learning Program Focus:

  • Learning to value and leverage diversity
  • Understanding the role that organizational culture plays in producing world-class results
  • Appreciating the impact that an organization’s history has on its current practices
  • Realizing the barriers that can be created as organizations struggle with mergers

Duration of the Program:

3.5 Hours

Participant Numbers:

The recommended minimum number is 18. The recommended maximum is 36.