The Maxx Performance Entertainment Inc

The Maxx is a deep-drill business simulation where participants see their own leadership behaviors in action. They gain a deepened understanding and appreciation for the impact of their decisions and behavior.

This course is a must for all leaders, an exhilarating, emotional rollercoaster ride that will stay with me for the balance of my working career and personal life.
Claudio Rocchi, Community Banking Manager, Bank of Montreal

Participants step into leadership roles within a struggling, Disneyesque organization composed of theme parks, retail outlets, and online shopping channels. Participants, together with their colleagues, face daunting challenges, including:

  • Where and how to build shareholder value within the company;
  • How to develop and implement strategic, enterprise-wide change;
  • Which customers to serve (and through which channels);
  • How to optimally motivate and retain their people;
  • How to create a vibrant and positive organizational culture.

Maxx leadership teams navigate their company through three tumultuous simulated years, as they vie to win against their competition by generating the highest share price (incorporating net income, return on equity, sustainability).

Maxx leadership teams are swept into the Maxx story as their facilitator provides them with an animated, engaging briefing. Teams must then plan their initial strategy, prepare for and then run their company for the upcoming ‘year’ (one hour of action). This first program component ends with a debrief which explores the parallels to participants’ own organizational lives (attempting to be successful within an environment of information overload, urgent deadlines, tough decisions and crises).

The Maxx concludes with all competing teams having made remarkable improvements in their results. The final debrief and program close set the stage for participants to identify, explore and plan the application and transfer of key personal leadership insights, related to real life organizational themes embedded within the program design, including:

  • People management issues impact customers and shareholders and are clearly as important as financial and tactical ones;
  • Attracting and retaining top talent is profoundly important;
  • Creating and clearly communicating the enterprise-wide strategic intent is critical;
  • Success depends upon deeply understanding and quickly responding to customer needs (which grow more sophisticated, fragmented and nuanced over time), and…
  • Not all customers are created equal. Ensuring that the right customer group is being serviced with the right product, through the right distribution channel forms the foundation for strategic success;
  • Maximizing shareholder value is a constant and challenging imperative;
  • It is not enough to do the 'least possible'. Appropriate risk must be taken to become number one in the simulated marketplace;
  • Failure to effectively execute strategy results in diminished market share.

Learning Program Focus:

  • Building shareholder value
  • Demonstrating leadership best practices (emotional intelligence)
  • Optimizing and leveraging talent
  • Creating an organizational culture which motivates employees and fosters high performance teamwork
  • Developing enterprise-wide initiatives that outperform the competition/ managing organizational change.