The Journey Home

The Journey Home is a half-day interactive, team-based simulation that provides participants with a powerful experience that sets the stage for exploring and applying teamwork and leadership lessons.

This was the best management training and team development program I have ever experienced in my career.
Scott Petasky, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Microsoft

It is Star Date 3000 AD and a squadron of Starships is engaged in a race against time to save Earth. As the doors to the Journey Home session open, participants make their way to their table of six, which represents their Starship. At each Starship is a large map of the Journey Home galaxy and in front of each chair is a unique role description (Captain, Navigator, Communications Officer, Science Officer, Counsellor, and Environmental Officer).

There is an air of excitement, anticipation and adventure as the entry music subsides and the Journey Home begins. The Star Fleet Commander (facilitator) provides an upbeat briefing to the participants. They learn that each of their Starships is part of a larger squadron and that Earth is under attack from an alien virus. They have 20 Light Years within which to race across the Galaxy, find the antidote and save Earth.

During the mission, teams move their Starship playing pieces on their maps and land on various bases throughout the galaxy, acquiring information and searching for the antidote. They also encounter obstacles! The Journey Home mission concludes with a surprising ending, in which individual teams make the startling discovery that they must ultimately work together in order to save Earth.

The debrief is an engaging exploration of the Journey Home experience and of the numerous parallels, insights and lessons that participants can immediately apply back on the job.

Learning Program Focus:

  • Alignment
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Communication and decision making
  • Empowerment
  • Customer focus

Duration of the Program:

Three hours

Participant Numbers:

The recommended minimum number is 9. There is no maximum.