The Confederacy of Stars

Five short two-hour missions in five days; one unforgettable learning experience! Used independently or collectively the Confederacy of Stars delivers deep and lasting leadership lessons.

Simply the most powerful learning experience that I have ever gone through. It challenged me, engaged me, delighted and surprised me every day, and it has given me tools to use back in the workplace. An unforgettable experience
Jeff Brighton, Manager, The Boeing Corporation

The Confederacy of Stars is a unique modular simulation program designed so that you can choose to use one, two, three, four or all five of the experiential simulation modules to augment your existing content with deep experiential events. Each module is between two and three hours in duration and is designed to easily ‘snap-in’ and ‘snap-out’ of a larger learning event or program. This unique experience has been used in a number of configurations for thousands of managers around the world to highlight the challenges and opportunities of managing and leading from the middle of large organizations.

The Confederacy of Stars consists of the following modules that can be used independently, or in small set of two or three modules, or as a complete series: First Light (two hours plus debriefing) The Aquanauts (two hours plus debriefing) Alien Contact (one and one-half hours plus debriefing) World View (two hours plus debriefing) * The Journey Home (two hours plus debriefing)

The Confederacy of Stars provides leaders with an engaging learning environment based on the elements of today's complex and challenging business and organizational realities. Through a series of simulated worlds that are strangely different and interconnected, participants are challenged to develop key managerial, leadership, context, systems and team-building skills. The value of each of the five experiences is maximized through facilitated group debriefings that flow seamlessly into the larger workshops of the client’s event. Participants draw key insights from their experiences, which are applicable to real-world challenges and further leveraged in workshops built around deep exploration and discovery.

Overall Learning Outcomes of the Confederacy of Stars: By the end of the Confederacy of Stars experience, participants will be emotionally engaged and intellectually immersed in the following learning outcomes:

  • Learning how to learn
  • Leadership and Management
  • Complexity and Contextual Intelligence
  • Teamwork within and across boundaries
  • Risk taking
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Customer focus
  • Systems thinking
  • Strategic leadership
  • The power of networks (for projects, companies and careers)
  • Valuing and leveraging diversity
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Alignment with mission

Duration of the Program:

5 Half Days

Participant Numbers:

The recommended minimum number is 14. The recommended maximum is 28.