Planet X

Planet X is a half-day competitive sales and marketing experience that allows participants to explore how well they practice effective sales, sales management and customer service skills.

This was the absolute best sales training simulation we have ever seen. The intensity, interaction and challenge was like real life, and the learning was powerful and applicable.
John Romer, Molson Inc.

Planet X is a challenging and exciting real-life sales simulation that divides participants into two groups: Sales & Marketing Teams and Customers. The Sales & Marketing Teams are then further divided into the roles of Sales Manager, Marketing Manager and Sales Representatives. The Customers are each given individual establishments to operate for the three ‘years’ within the simulation.

The Sales & Marketing Teams compete in the industry of Intergalactic Water and Ice. Each team has a different brand of Intergalactic Flavored Water, which is sold through the restaurants and bars on Planet X. Each brand has its own history, product features and traditional markets. The end users of these products have a set of pre¬ferences. Each team will be challenged to ensure that they successfully modify their strategic plans and base their resource allocation decisions on the changing economic, political and social profiles on the planet over time.

The teams must gather and share information, develop strategies and promotions, sell and service customers, and react to the dramatic changes sweeping the Planet. The customers will be feeling the effects of the entire business process and will face both the rewards of building beneficial relationships and the penalties of short-term thinking. As the years progress, only the teams that have been able to build long- term relationships with their customer base will have great success on Planet X. It is an intense experience that is literally out of this world.

The simulation ends with the customers having purchased their quotas and having rewarded individual and team excellence with sales and individual recognition. Team results are tallied, a winning team is recognized, and participants then jump into a spirited debrief, through which powerful and relevant learnings are mined. Participants leave with a renewed commitment to exceeding targets, to growing existing accounts, to developing new markets and to understanding the real needs of their clients and customers.

Learning Program Focus:

  • Emphasizing the need to have a strategic sales plan that is adaptable
  • Exploring the need to think of both short-term and long-term sales objectives
  • Illustrating the importance of understanding, segmenting and targeting the market
  • Prioritizing and allocating resources (time and finances) against the key targeted areas
  • Illustrating the importance of face-to-face selling skills
  • Highlighting the influence of preparation on the results of each sales call
  • Demonstrating the significance of client relationships and adding value beyond the product being sold
  • Allowing participants to experience first-hand the customer’s reality
  • Demonstrating the crucial role that gathering and sharing information plays to the selling process
  • Illustrating the critical role played by the support functions to the sales team and the need for the entire team to commit to the sales goals

Duration of the Program:

Four hours

Participant Numbers:

The recommended minimum number is 15. The recommended maximum is 105.