Infinity Inc.

Infinity Inc. transports participants into a compelling organizational adventure in which they step into leadership roles and together bring their company back from the brink of ruin to an unparalleled successful future.

An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage - don't manage, lead change before you have to.
Jack Welch

Upon entering the Infinity environment, participants’ first assignment is selecting their leadership roles within one of the organizational teams that will compete with each other within Infinity Inc. The challenge of each of the new leadership teams is to develop a strategy for success that is aligned with the goal of achieving the highest sustainable customer loyalty score and of course, highest net income. Early on, they recognize the many variables they must consider, such as the selection of talent, negotiations with the trade partners and suppliers, and what drives customer demand.

Participants learn that success in the simulation requires more than traditional business skills and ‘bottom line number crunching.’ Success moves beyond incremental change to transformational change, which is found in the Infinity team’s ability to develop a deepened understanding of the customer.

Participants must step up and share leadership, deepen their understanding of the customer, strengthen partnerships, embrace a strategy of innovation, and execute their strategy within an environment of constant change, time pressure, and competition. Debriefs throughout the Infinity experience highlight and leverage the significant parallels to participants’ own organizational realities, and set the stage for individual managerial leadership development.

Throughout the simulation, from planning through performing and debriefing, participants receive powerful and practical feedback from colleagues, the butler/facilitator, trade partners, and the supplier on how they are demonstrating their leadership talents. This feedback allows participants to track their observed performance against their personal learning goals. They heighten their coaching skills as they work with their colleagues in strengthening their leadership skills and increasing their understanding of their own very real impact.

Participants discover that transforming the company requires them to look through a new lens as they execute strategy in the simulated world. The simulation concludes with a debrief that mines participants’ learning experiences, and recognizes the team with the most sustainable business model and the highest customer loyalty score, reinforcing the need for each participant to accept the responsibility to drive transformation on behalf of the customer.

Learning Program Focus:

  • Demonstrating leadership skills (at all management levels) required for transformation on behalf of the customer
  • Driving & managing organizational change
  • Building teams
  • Leveraging diversity
  • Creating innovative and productive dialogue with customers, trade partners, suppliers and team members
  • Interpreting and translating knowledge of customers into innovative strategy
  • Creating a positive organizational culture to support strategy deployment.

Duration of the Program:

Nine hours (often broken into three half-days)

Participant Numbers:

The recommended minimum is 15. The recommended maximum is 60.