Contextual Intelligence Workshop

Contextual Intelligence has a powerful impact on every part of our professional and personal lives. This workshop helps participants understand, prepare for and leverage the growing complexities within an increasingly interconnected world.

We need to see leadership for what it is: a role and a responsibility whose power is directly and proportionately tied into the leader’s ability to understand context and influence a complex set of interdependencies.
Don Jones

In this interactive workshop, the participants are introduced to the research and background on Contextual Intelligence (CI). Together the class explores the increasing relevance of CI in a world where complexity and interconnectedness are exponentially increasing. Each CI Skill -Sensing, Mapping, Shaping and Convergence - is defined and explored and anchored by a transfer to application exercise. The program alternates between large group discussion, small table exercises and individual reflection and application.

Learning Program Focus:

Contextual Intelligence is a management and leadership prerequisite for those who need to understand, lead within and leverage the increasing complexity and interconnectedness of business today including the following:

The Contextual Intelligence Skills

  • Context Sensing is the desire to probe, dig deeper and develop a richer understanding of the context of a situation, idea or issue
  • Context Mapping is the ability to see and ‘trace’ the interdependencies within a system or web of relationships
  • Context Shaping is using influence to elevate the conversation to support and promote larger shared goals

The Contextual Convergence Capability

  • The ability to identify, understand and shift focus between converging contextual trends and the implications for this confluence on a specific area of expertise, area of responsibility, product, service, process, or organization.

Duration of the Program:

Workshops: 3-6 hours. Keynotes: 45-60 minutes.

Participant Numbers:

Workshop: the recommended minimum number is 8. The recommended maximum is 24. Keynote: Full range of audience sizes