A learning lab and simulation that equips participants with principles and practices for redesigning work processes. Participants learn and apply work process redesign principles as they increase their effectiveness and efficiency.

The skills, knowledge and teamwork generated by BridgeTown had instant and long-term transference to Glaxo’s business processes. Employees were enthused and prepared to initiate and work on process improvement projects.
Tammy Purdy, 
 Process Improvement Associate, Glaxo Canada

The beautiful city of BridgeTown straddles the winding BridgeTown River. The Mayor’s office in City Hall sits high above the other BridgeTown buildings, enabling the Mayor to look out across the whole city. Mayor Span has a significant problem. The BridgeTown River has to be bridged. In fact, the city’s rapid growth has created a need for four bridges to be built.

The Mayor and City Council have awarded the contract to the BridgeTown River Construction Company, who will be assigning bridge construction to different project teams within their company. The four project teams each build one of the four required bridges, which are evaluated according to: safety, timeliness, budget compliance, and appearance.

Each project team has the opportunity to improve their bridge three times. Each building project round brings with it higher expectations from the customer (Mayor Span) and higher industry standards. In the end, all project teams must improve processes in order to achieve success within the competitive BridgeTown environment.

Throughout this engaging learning program, participants are introduced to, and immediately apply, work process redesign principles and practical tools.

Against the metaphorical backdrop of BridgeTown, they improve their processes with incredible results: substantially improved quality and safety measures, completion times that are decreased by 90%, and financial reductions up to 50%. Real teams complete the program with a plan to use the tools within their work areas, and with the support of Work Redesign/ Process Improvement Facilitators to design follow-up programs for monitoring the teams’ results. Individuals complete the program equipped and inspired to contribute to improving processes and their company’s results.

Learning Program Focus:

  • Understanding Work Redesign and Process Improvement principles and practices
  • Knowing how to identify process customers and understand their requirements
  • Being able to apply Work Redesign and Process Improvement concepts, tools and method
  • Being able to apply team skills within their work teams
  • Creating a plan for applying Work Redesign and Process Improvement back on the job

Duration of the Program:

Two Full Days

Participant Numbers:

The recommended minimum number is 14. The recommended maximum is 28.