Alien Contact

Alien Contact is a vibrant and energizing three-hour learning experience that provides valuable insights into the power of networking and the correlation between relationships and results.

This was a fantastic way to get to know others while learning about the importance of building our networks.
Mary Page Conference Associates Inc.

Alien Contact creates an environment in which building a strong web of relationships is the key to success. It also sets the stage in real time for participants to actually broaden and deepen their network during the learning program.

In stepping into Alien Contact, participants become members of one of six alien ‘life forms,’ each of which has its own unique heritage and background. They learn that their individual mission is to visit the Star Locks in this galaxy, unlock them to gain the valuable resources hidden there and trade those resources for Star Points. The mission is completed in a race against time with an unknown deadline, and with participants facing tremendous (metaphorical) risks along the way. The participants earning the most Star Points by the end of the mission are declared the winners. This is followed by an interactive debrief that is designed to lead participants to rich and valuable insights they will transfer back into their daily professional lives.

Participants begin the experience alone. Some will link up with others, sharing information, forming packs and expanding their connections. Other participants may be thwarted by missed opportunities.

Participants in Alien Contact have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the link between relationships and results. Whether struggling with how to become closer to customers, suppliers or internal cross-functional teams, participants quickly and dramatically understand that they cannot take advantage of opportunities until they focus on relationships. The experience imparts powerful lessons for building a deeper understanding of others and for creating support for individual, team and corporate success. Participants begin to see patterns within their own business and social networks that may be limiting their effectiveness. They develop plans to maximize the depth and breadth of these networks for the benefit of their organizations and for their own careers. Alien Contact brings to life the very real value of creating and maintaining relationships.

Learning Program Focus:

  • Building real-time relationships with others at the conference or training event
  • Understanding the link between relationships and results
  • Realizing the need to broaden and deepen a rich network of relationships
  • Developing the ability to find, access and leverage information quickly and effectively
  • Recognizing barriers that interfere with developing networks

Duration of the Program:

Two hours

Participant Numbers:

The recommended minimum number is 18. There is no maximum.