Acres of Diamonds

This workshop powerfully shows participants that the greatest opportunities don’t lie ahead in the distant future, but are here now, within ourselves and those with whom we work.

They can because they think they can.

Careers and lives are built on a series of relationships, and the degree to which these can be strengthened determines the degree of success we will achieve. This workshop helps participants to see past the wrong-minded thinking that the opportunities are somewhere else, at some future time, with someone else; and to see the truth that the greatest opportunities are here now, within ourselves and those with whom we work.

The Acres of Diamonds program is about valuing and connecting to our strengths and others, valuing their contribution to us, unearthing the values that motivate them and hearing the stories that bring these values to life.

The participants go through a process, as well as a series of exercises that will ensure that they not only deepen their connection to one another and the organization's values and purpose; but they also start to spontaneously act and visibly reinforce these values with one another. Within the Acres of Diamonds workshop, the participants mine their individual experiences to unearth values and motivations that they then translate to commitments to team and organizational values, purpose and mission.

This three to six-hour facilitated program leaves them with seven Diamonds that will be used at the workshop (and/or can be taken back to their workplace) to spontaneously reward others as they put their values into action. Acres of Diamonds is a profound, fun and lasting experience that puts your organization's values into action and bonds the participants as individuals and colleagues.

Learning Program Focus:

  • the greatest opportunities are here now and within ourselves and those we are working with;
  • the team will develop a shared understanding of, and commitment to, a clear and guiding set of values (perhaps ones you have already developed or ones that they will develop together in the workshop);
  • without problems, businesses wouldn't be required. People are the only solution;
  • team relationships will be strengthened through experiencing the Diamond Mapping storytelling exercise;
  • they will leave with a set of tools and a process around bringing their values to life through consistent actions - teams that are consistently applying their values simply find ways to win together.