Let our globetrotting Experience Delivery Team introduce you to the next generation of exciting and profound classroom or conference behavioural simulations.

For audiences of 20 to 2,000 there is a reason that our custom-designed and off-the-shelf experiences are some of the highest-rated team building, leadership and sales programs in GE, Microsoft, Boeing, Whirlpool, Bank of Montreal and many others.

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The Maxx is a deep-drill business simulation where participants see their own leadership behaviors in action.


World View offers participants the opportunity to experience and confront some of the most challenging elements of organizational life: change, alignment, leveraging shared history and diversity.

The Art & Power of Storytelling

Better ideas don’t win out, better stories and storytellers do. Stories are powerful and the ability to tell your story has never been more important to your career and to the results of your organization.

Contextual Intelligence Workshop

This workshop helps participants understand, prepare for and leverage the growing complexities within an increasingly interconnected world.

Mission Possible

Mission Possible is a unique and powerful simulation that dramatically brings to life the core principles of leadership and followership in a powerful, engaging environment.

The Confederacy of Stars

Five short two-hour missions in five days; one unforgettable learning experience! Used independently or collectively the Confederacy of Stars delivers deep and lasting leadership lessons.

Infinity Inc.

Infinity Inc. transports participants into a compelling organizational adventure in which they step into leadership roles and together bring their company back from the brink of ruin to an unparalleled successful future.

Project Delta

In Project Delta, participants are challenged to intellectually, physically and emotionally experience the significance of Environment, Health & Safety in the workplace.

The Future of (Digital) Learning - Keynote

Great teachers and classrooms will not go away. Neither will physical campuses, lectures, videos, books and other traditional mediums disappear. However every one of these will be significantly affected by increasingly sophisticated uses of digital technology.

Acres of Diamonds

This workshop powerfully shows participants that the greatest opportunities don’t lie ahead in the distant future but are here, now within ourselves and those we are working with.

Alien Contact

Alien Contact is a vibrant and energizing three-hour learning experience that provides valuable insights into the power of networking and the correlation between relationships and results.

Planet X

Planet X is a half-day competitive sales and marketing experience that allows participants to explore how well they practice effective sales, sales management and customer service skills.


Gemstones is a profound learning intervention that offers rich insights for participants in a remarkably brief time.

The Idea Factory

The Idea Factory leverages leading edge innovation research to powerfully show participants what it takes to turn any team into an Idea Factory – Any Team, Any Time, Any Where.


A learning lab and simulation that equips participants with principles and practices for redesigning work processes.

First Light

A dramatic experience where teams are plunged into a world change, risk, reward and tension.

The Aquanauts

This powerful business simulation immerses participants in an ‘underwater’ world where they struggle to perform as part of a complex system that sets the stage for participants to gain profound insights.

The Journey Home

The Journey Home is a half-day interactive, team-based simulation that provides participants with a powerful experience that sets the stage for exploring and applying teamwork and leadership lessons.