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About the Einstein ILP

What it is: Conventional online learning system have a high failure rate, and it’s largely due to a lack of engagement. Until now, no online learning system has solved the problem of bridging the total engagement gap. We think our Einstein Immersive Learning Platform has done just that.

Einstein is the next generation, disruptive learning experience technology. A robust virtual or blended learning solution allows with an almost unlimited ability to create immersive, powerful, story driven, intellectually challenging, emotionally engaging, learning experiences at a distance, for audiences of 10 or 10,000.

About the Einstein ILP

What it does: It provides the ability to individualize the experience itself, and provide a Digital Mentor's feedback and guidance. It seamlessly integrates multiple delivery mediums, Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone, for powerful, fully immersive learning experiences and optimal client organizational solutions.

About the Einstein ILP

How it does it: The individualized learning experience based on a well planned simulation of a real world set of activities. Goals are set at the beginning and the learner is provided the ability to see how well they are doing, all along the way.

We use the Einstein ILP as a base engine to drive a simulation that is constructed for each client or learning topic. We work closely with our clients to analyze the business problem to be solved and take into consideration the larger context how that issue fits within the company.

We also consider crucial, but often overlooked issues such as the feeling that the learner should experience and remember.

About the Einstein ILP

What it can do for you: Einstein ILP can handle almost any learning situation. If you have a specific learning issue or objective, contact us and we will tell you how it might fit your particular situation.

The Digital Mentor is an intelligent break-though learning experience. It provides real-time customized user specific feedback and just-in-time recommendations. for application and action both in the simulation and back on the job.

A look at Einstein

The core of Einstein is the embedded business logic and a highly customizable database. We build a bespoke, virtual, immersive "world" on top of the platform. We define the environment and real world functions that will deliver the learning experience. We customize our Digital Mentor to support the learner, and provide ongoing advice and help.

Users can keep track of their budget, their projects and see detailed income statements in the Project Center.

What Einstein can do

Einstein is design to place the learner in simulated real-world environment. The process is story driven, engaging and immersive, so Einstein can be customized to fit any learning challenge.

Every feature and function can be accessed within two clicks, we care about the details and making the user experience engaging and easy to use.

An implementation of Einstein

Scire - an on-boarding immersive experience for Laureate Education Inc.

Contact Us

Call or email us and in just a few minutes we will describe how Einstein can help solve a learning challenge you are experiencing, or provide you with a new and effective way to increase your current successes.

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