Learning to Change the World
on four continents, 22 countries, 12 languages

We believe learning always has and always will play a central role in shaping a positive future for individuals, teams, organizations and our world.

As a global community, we are on the cusp of a revolution that is merging the best of learning, entertainment, storytelling and deep data; manifesting through all devices, platforms and blended environments. This is our work, passion and purpose.

XPrize Global Learning Challenge

Don Jones has been chosen as one of 100 Vanguard worldwide partners for the new XPrize Challenge focused on Learning and Development.

About Us

Exper!ence it inc. started 25 years ago as a social-experiment and has evolved into a global learning business. We have been fortunate to partner with some of the largest corporate learning organizations in the world such as GE, Microsoft, Bayer, Whirlpool, as well as countless smaller not-for-profits and over 80 universities.

The Future Of Learning

Learning actually happens within an individual so, while distribution systems are, and will be, massive and global, learning actually happens individually and thus locally. That is why the design of the interface of that last mile needs to fit the local and individual contexts rather than only satisfy the global and collective ones. In distribution systems, the last mile often accounts for 28 percent of the whole cost to move goods, even though those goods might move thousands of miles.

Our Clients, Team and Global Capacity

Our team, from the designers and facilitators to the fulfillment and administration professionals are the top in their respective fields and are the very reason we can consistently design and deliver innovative, cost effective, world-class solutions.

Ideas We Care About
The Learning Galaxy

The Learning Galaxy© represents the dynamic relationship between the primary drivers or forces of learning. All learning is experiential; even cognitive reflection still occurs within someone’s unique experience.

Ideas We Care About
Our Manifesto

Our manifesto, on the design of human experience, is an evolving exploration as much as it is a statement about what we have learned and what is important to us.

Ideas We Care About
Why Simulations?

Experience it inc. has been designing simulations for over 25 years, and we have gathered compelling evidence from our clients, based on the experiences of hundreds of thousands of learners, which reveals that our behaviour based simulations enhance their learning experience.

Our Founding as a Social Experiment

When you have no external resources your internal ones are your only tools for survival. You stare at that a lot. The one most overlooked and under-rated is good health and energy; nothing can be accomplished without these but with both a great deal can be learned from the environment around you.